Sunday, 11 September 2011

Mello Yello

Does anyone else remember the feeling of going to the United States as a child and buying something that was unavailable in Canada?

I loved it when I visited my Nana and Papa in southern Ontario and we would make the short drive across the bridge or, even better, take the short ferry ride to Michigan.

We would always get to go out for dinner, always a plus, but we would also get to shop.

I was never a brand name wearing child, so I didn't really understand the concept of buying clothes from stores we didn't have in Canada. But food I have always loved, so picking up a brand of chips, a snack cake, or my all time favourite Mello Yello soda was the big hit for me.

I would save a can of Mello Yello to bring to school and when I popped the can open and people turned to listen, I would take a sip and notice them staring. I felt cool.

Today, I probably wouldn't feel quite as cool... But the memories are great and the yellow things still inspire me. Especially yellow food things.

Here's a quick shot of tonight's dinner. Can you tell why I posted it?

Golden beets, corn on the cob, white fish with a lemongrass marinade, and roasted eggplant?

If you guessed because it's all yellow, you're right!

(The fish and eggplant may be white, but a lemongrass marinade helps turn the fish yellow and really haven't we always been told that white is a shade?)

Maybe following up dinner with my peach pie would tie up any yellow loose ends for the white-is-a-shade non-believers. I know I'd be a happy person if someone served it to me.

So my challenge for you for the next week is to come up with a meal that's all one colour. I will be giving this another go and maybe choosing red or green next time!

And if you need a little help, try looking at this one colour meal from the Real Women of Philadelphia.

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