Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Not Just a Soup and a Sandwich

I bet you read the words "soup and sandwich" and wondered if this post would be worth reading. A soup and a sandwich is something you can get at a deli, or even some grocery stores, so why would you want to read a recipe for it?

Well, I am so glad you decided to keep reading because this is one of the easiest and tastiest soups I've ever made. And, just to make it a little more special, the sandwich I've paired it with is actually more of a crouton. It's a grilled cheese sandwich cut into tiny cubes that are floated on top of the soup. So, you see, I meant what I said when I told you that it wasn't just a soup and a sandwich; it's a little more special than that!

Read on for my recipe, inspired by a fennel soup recipe in Jamie Oliver's newest cookbook.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sweet and Salty Pasta Heaven

The last day of the Olympics is here! I almost can't believe Canada made it to the gold medal game in men's hockey and I can't wait to check the score to see who won.

Today's post is a recipe inspired by the Olympics. I could say that it's a mostly white dinner with bits of green poking through, just like Russia's grass poking through the snow - but I won't. Instead I'll say that the oven roasted cauliflower in my pasta is meant to resemble the Olympic torch. If you prefer the grass analogy, that's ok with me too!

Read in for the recipe. It's a perfect mix of sweet roasted cauliflower and salty Parmesan cheese, so I know you'll love it.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

February's Crazy Ingredient Challenge - Strawberries and Mustard!

Things have been busy for me recently, so I took a few months off from the Crazy Ingredient Challenge. But this month, I'm back. When I first heard that this month's challenge was to create a delicious dish using strawberries and mustard, I wondered if I should take just one more month's break. It's sounds hard to make anything yummy out of strawberries and mustard...

Than I had an idea. I would share one of my favourite salad recipes. It hasn't gone up on my blog yet and it's delicious. It's a spinach salad filled with goodies - pumpkin seeds, strawberries, feta, and avocado. And it's covered in a honey mustard vinaigrette. But the idea wasn't crazy enough for this challenge so I decided to try something new.

Here's my new recipe for Honey Mustard Salmon with Strawberry Salsa. I know you're going to love it!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Birthday Wishes

I love birthday cakes. It doesn't matter who's birthday cake it is, as long as I get a taste of it, I love it. Chocolate, vanilla, ice cream, angel food, chiffon, boxed or home made - it doesn't matter. Birthday cakes are made with loving thoughts of that one special person and I know that I taste those thoughts when I am eating each and every bite.

Today is my sister's birthday and while we celebrated each other's birthdays (mine was just a few days ago) together last month, it sure would be great if I got to bake her a cake today. Instead I hope that this post containing a yummy little lemon cake will do. I know that whoever bakes her a cake will thinking all the loving thoughts I would have thought so it will be fantastic.

Happy birthday, Mary. I hope your day is great today!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Red Carpet Cookies and a Giveaway! #ChexRedCarpet

I love watching the Oscars and the count down to the show on March 2 is already on at my house. I know a few of you might think that it's a little early to be thinking about the Oscars, especially with the Olympics still being on, but I need time to plan.

Every year I love to create fun food to serve while we watch the Oscars that is themed around at least one of the movies up for an award. This year is no different and my movie of choice of Gravity. I loved Sandra Bullock's performance and I loved the adrenaline that came from watching the movie - there wasn't much about it I didn't like.

Well there was one part I wish had been different, but I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it yet....

At first I thought I might just get a few astronaut ice cream sandwiches. That would be easy and fun. But after tasting one, I knew that could not be only themed treat I'd serve. They are fun to think about, but I wouldn't write home about how they taste.

So I racked my brain a little more and came up with a new approach. Instead of serving something that astronauts might eat in outer space, I'll serve something that resembles something in outer space - a moon to be exact.

I know you're going to try these easy Chex Moon Cookies so read on for my recipe. And also read on for an opportunity to win a great prize pack - perfect to use the next time you're serving a special dessert.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

A "Heart"y Valentine Dinner Made Delicious

Today's post is dedicated to anyone who is planning on making their partner a home cooked meal this Valentine's Day and also to anyone who loves puns because those are two things I cannot live without on February 14. If you're still looking for some foodie puns for your card this year, I've got a few up my sleeve that I'm willing to share with you.

You're my "butter" half, Valentine

Take another "pizza" my heart now, baby

I'm "nuts" about you!

You make my heart "beet" like crazy, Valentine

And here's one more special punny Valentine I've created just for someone who wants to make my Crab Stuffed Portobellos with Shrimp Hearts....

I'd never "shrimp" on my love for you, Valentine. You're the best.

Ok, so maybe I'm not going to be employed by Hallmark anytime in the future, but I know that my recipe is perfect for you to serve to your loved ones tomorrow!

Monday, 10 February 2014

Red and White Breakfast

It's February so, if you remember my New Year's resolution to try one new food a month, that means it's time for me to bring you something new. This month my new food is amaranth seeds and, in a weird way, the new recipe I made with them is bringing back some old childhood memories.

I was inspired by a recipe for Amaranth Porridge that I saw in Pinterest and one taste of it made me remember sitting in my Nana's kitchen and asking for big bowls of cream of wheat. These memories set my dish up for something special, but when you factor in that amaranth is full of protein and other healthy benefits, it's a real winner.

Plus, I top my Amaranth Porridge with beautiful red strawberries and tasty white coconut and yogurt covered raisins, so it's perfect for serving on Valentine's Day and for cheering on our Canadian Olympians!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Blackberry Crumble Muffins - My Canadian Love Affair

I love digging into the first bite of anything delicious. But my favourite first bite is always one from a fruit pie or crumble. I love fruit pie and crumbles so much that I'd love to eat a big helping each and every morning, but sadly my waistline doesn't agree.

So in when I heard that this month's Canadian Food Experience Project's challenge was to write about  My Canadian Love Affair, I knew exactly what recipe I'd share in my post.

Today's recipe isn't exactly a pie, instead it's a healthier breakfast version of a pie - Blackberry Crumble Muffins. And to make them even more Canadian, I've used the blackberries that grow wild in my own backyard.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Soup for On-Terrible Weather

I just arrived back home after a visit to see my family in Halifax and Ontario. I had a great time seeing everyone, but I am not sure if I'm built for such a cold climate anymore. I did love seeing my family, skiing, bundling up and walking the dog on the ice, and of course the warm home cooked meals - but I couldn't get over the cold!

And since the best part of my visit, seeing my family, is something I could do anytime of the year - I think I might be making future trips home in the summer! 

If you're looking for a warm, home cooked meal to make for your family, try my version of Chatelaine's Leek and and Fennel Soup with Poached Haddock. My version is a littler healthier and easier to make, plus I've found a great use for my preserved lemon!