Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Discover Your Flavour

Caliente or leve? Hot or mild? What would you choose? At my house that question is always a dilemma.

Most of my family seems to prefer spicy dinners and that's why I am excited to try Old El Paso's new Hot & Spicy Fajita Dinner Kit. But some of my family also leans towards more mild meals, that's why I am also excited to try Old El Paso's new Extra Mild, Super Tasty Hard Taco Dinner Kit and new Mild Taco Seasoning.

They're all great idea for families with busy schedules because you only need about 20 minutes to make something delicious and flavourful, whatever your taste is.

One thing my family can all agree on is that when it comes to Mexican food, we like free Mexican food best. And right now you can visit Life Made Delicious's Facebook page and get a coupon for a FREE new Old El Paso Dinner Kit! But, be sure to hurry to get your coupon, because this offer won't last long.

And if that's not enough, let me know in my comment box below if your family prefers spicy, mild, or a combination of the two on Mexican night and you'll be entered in to win an Old El Paso Mexican Dinner Kit Package including all three of the new Old El Paso products and a fun chili salsa bowl.

And if you want a second entry into the giveaway, comment on my blog's Facebook page.
Please note that I will be choosing the winner on September 20, 2012 and that this contest is only open to Canadian residents. Readers may enter on multiple blogs, but are only eligible to win one prize.

“Disclosure – I am participating in the Life Made Delicious Ambassador Program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of General Mills. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.”

If you're interested in a new idea for a grilled Peach and Pickled Jalapeno Salsa recipe, keep reading below. It tastes great on Old El Paso's Hot and Spicy Fajitas, especially when paired with Old El Paso's salsa!
Grilled Peach and Pickled Jalapeno Salsa - serves 2 and can be double or tripled 

1 fresh peach, cut in half and pit removed
1/2 fresh tomato, chopped
2 tablespoons Old El Paso Pickled Jalapenos, chopped 
2 tablespoons fresh cilantro, chopped
Juice and zest from one lime
Salt and pepper, to taste 

1. Start by grilling your peach on your barbecue. Preheat your grill to medium heat and place the two halves of the peach directly on the grill. Grill until warm with grill marks, about 2 minutes. 

2. Roughly chopped your grilled peach and add to a bowl with the remaining ingredients. Toss and enjoy on fajitas, tacos, with tortillas, or as an accompaniment to grilled meat. 

I think I'll be getting both kinds of new Old El Paso Dinner Kits so I can serve both together so everyone in my family will be happy. And I know that I'll be making this salsa to serve with them!


  1. The fruit salsa sounds delish! I normally don't like peaches, but I haven't tried them in salsa yet :)

    1. The peaches make the salsa a little sweet and that makes my family that prefers mild Mexican food able to really enjoy a salsa. I hope you like it Heather!

  2. My family usually prefers mild mexican food.

    carrie_dodd at hotmail dot com

  3. Mild. I am a woose when it comes to really spicy. lol -Chris

    1. Congratulations Chris! You're the winner of my giveaway! Please send me your address in the next 48 hours so I can send you your prize!

  4. Hubby is definitely a spicy kinda guy. I like stuff medium, right in the middle! My 2 year old is not a spice fan.

    lindsayegreen at yahoo.com

  5. I prefer mild, I just can't take the heat!

  6. We like mild! (I get heartburn and hot is too much for the kids!)

    breej23 at hotmail dot com