Thursday, 26 May 2011

Reinventing the old

My mom used to make cabbage rolls all the time when I was little.

I remember her throwing a cabbage into a big pot, rolling up the meat and rice mixture with the leaves, and covering many casserole dishes with tomato sauce. Then she froze most of the dishes in our huge deep freeze so she could bring them out for dinners one dish at a time.

What I don't remember is how my brothers and sister and I used to unwrapped our hand wrapped parcels and throw the cabbage wrapping away to solely eat the rice and meat tucked inside.

I thought I loved cabbage rolls. I thought I ate them up and asked for more.

I guess not because my mom stopped making them because seeing us throw away the hard work she put into the meal was no fun for her.

So when I heard this about my past, I got to thinking how many other things did I block out of my memory. I know I blocked out at least one more thing and it was embarrassing, but I'll share it now.

I was in figure skating classes as a child, but by no means did I have any chances at becoming the next gold medal Olympian. I was in the brown group and that says it all.

All the other groups had pretty colours -- pink, purple, red, yellow. I was brown.

If you think that they'd give the least skilled group the prettiest colour to make them feel better, you'd be wrong because they gave the least skilled group the colour brown.

My memory of my skating recital is that I was skating in my Little Mermaid costume and I helped a poor fellow skater up from a nasty fall on the ice.

Of course that girl on the ice I felt bad for was actually myself. I was the one that needed a hand up from a fall, but of course my embarrassment made me not remember.

Hopefully those two memories were the only memories I edited, but I have an inkling that there are more hidden away...

Maybe my recipe for reinvented cabbage rolls will help your families from blocking out thoughts of enjoying dishes when they actually hated them.

Who could throw away a cheesy cabbage sauce covering pasta topped with a salty meat mixture? I know it sounds weird but after you try it, you'll be hooked.

Philly Cabbage Roll Pasta

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  1. Sarah, I got the link for your blog from Alex's FB...I LOVE your blog. I will soon have to try some recipes, but for now you humour fills me up!