Friday, 27 May 2011

Lions, Tigers, Bears, and Moose-aka

I will never forget driving across the country. It was amazing to see Quebec City, the Rockies, and even the Prairies were a treat.

But if I had to be pushed into choosing a favourite location for sightseeing, I think I'd have to pick the Rockies.

Quebec City was a close second though. And given the opportunity to see both again, I'd jump at it.

The Rockies slid ahead with a slight edge because of their immense size and amazing nature. Quebec City was a beautiful old city with great food that I couldn't get enough of, but I think we saw almost all of it in only two days.

We definitely did not see all of the Rockies!

Here are a few shots of Luke and I enjoying the amazing outdoors we now can call home. And since it's all the same province, I'm allowed to say what I want :)

Lake Louise


Amazing scenery and hidden rivers

And for your daily dose of knowledge... Did you know that the water at Lake Louise appears that incredible colour because huge glaciers nearby grind up limestone into a fine glacial silt called rockflour? This flows into the lake and as it settles, it appears that lovely blue colour to our eyes.

But back to the Rockies themselves...

Luke and I camped throughout our driving holiday as often as we could. It was fun and way less expensive. But when we got to the Rockies it was extremely cold and wet.

And not only that, but there were also a ton of posters warning us against the Grizzly bears.

I probably could have handled the cold and the rain if we had not been camping for so long already, but all that coupled with the threat of being eaten in my sleep? No thank you. Not a chance.

So we stayed in hotels and we out to eat for a break.

One of the places we ate at was a small family owned Greek restaurant and had delicious moussaka.  I couldn't get enough of it and ate until it was all gone.

Then as I lay in bed that night, I licked my lips and felt a little heavy. Maybe there was a way to limit the fat and still get the same taste.

That's how my Grilly Moussaka was born. Let me know if you think it can stand up to the real thing.

And by the way, we didn't see a single bear of any kind in the Rockies.

In fact, the only bear I have ever seen was a small little black bear on my way down to the beach one day last October. He was so scared of me that he had a little accidental bathroom break as he climbed a tree to escape me.

I was laughing so much that was camera was a little shaky, but at least I got a shot!

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