Saturday, 7 May 2011

Cooking with leftovers

I love using up every single last speck of food before it goes bad and needs to be thrown away. It's kind of like my own little competition. I am the only winner or the only loser and my only opponents are time and creativity.

Sometimes after cooking an enormous turkey I can get very discouraged. It's only myself and Luke and a turkey is a huge piece of meat to consume for just two people so there are always leftovers. 

Lots and lots of leftovers. 

So then I need to cook with the leftovers. I don't just like to serve slices of turkey and leftover sides every night either. My staple go tos are usually a turkey pot pie, turkey stir fry, or turkey a la king, but those can get boring after eating them every single time I cook a turkey. That's why my opponent is creativity. 

If I can't beat creativity, I get bored and post pone my cooking with turkey leftovers. So with the Real Women of Philadelphia contest, I put my thinking cap on and tried to think outside of the box for ways to try and use up those leftovers. 

Here are a few of my video entries for cooking with leftover turkey. I love calzones. I don't know who wouldn't. And my Philly Turkey Curry entry earned me a note from the judges too. Sarah Reynolds always makes us smile. We would like an invitation to dinner at her house. 

Well that made me smile too. It gave me more confidence to try and get creative. Hopefully you'll like my videos and try my dishes too. 

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