Saturday, 7 May 2011

Finding a balance

Luke and I differ in many ways. I am a quiet person that likes mostly indoor activities and he is a loud people person who relishes every opportunity to explore the unknown and take part in an adventure, especially a crazy outdoor sport.

But like all couples, we compromise and find a way to balance our lives. Sometimes I bring a book to read on the beach while he surfs and sometimes we take the scenic route along the water instead of hiking the steep cliffs.

We also compromise in cooking and food, because we differ in taste here too. Luke likes things as spicy as humanly possible and I don't want my little taste buds to burn off but I'm willing to give most tastes a go.

One of the best dishes that I make where it's extremely easy to balance the flavours of a meal is my take on a creole dish, my Salmon Creole.

Creole originates in Louisiana and the cuisine is a great big melting pot of cuisine from many cultures. One thing that remains a staple in creole cooking is that the food is heavily seasoned with pepper and spice. It's delicious and full of flavour but it it sure is spicy.

I like pepper but it's the spicy bit that scares me a bit. So my recipe involves adding the spice at the end so that I can add just a little Tabasco sauce and Luke can had as much as he wants. The whole darn bottle if his little heart desires.

Here is a short video of me making my Salmon Creole. You can add the Philly to make it creamy or not. I've done it both ways and both are great.

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