Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Oh Easter. I don't go to church but I do understand the reason we celebrate Easter is not because chickens laid chocolate eggs and wanted us to share them.

However, those chocolate eggs are tasty and melt in my mouth like butter so that's what I'm thinking about today.

I finished eating an Easter feast of ham with all the fixings and began to contemplate how I've become one of the consumers that I never thought I would be.

It's not that I think people who enjoy cooking a big meal to share with friends are consuming too much. I really appreciated getting invited to a tasty dinner. It's more that I realized I've decorated my small apartment in an enormous amount of feathers, eggs, and bunnies.

Not only is my door outfitted with a huge ribbon and egg adorned wreath, but this year I actually purchased an Easter tree.

Actually I should clarify that, I ran out to purchase a fluffy yellow feather tree with an immense amount of delight. It is covered in porcelain, glass, and sequin covered ornaments and even though it's the Tuesday after Easter, it's still up.

But hey, it makes me smile and it's not hurting anyone, so I'll keep it up until the weekend and try to figure out how to use up all my leftover Easter food. Yes I know I enjoyed dinner elsewhere but I still cooked a big fat turkey for myself. I couldn't help it. :)

Here's something to make you laugh at me or maybe, better yet, you'll want to pick one up for yourself next year. I can tell you where I got mine if you want!

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