Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Chocolate for Breakfast?

When I find a breakfast I like, I make it a lot. But I don't like to make it exactly the same each time, so I come up with new versions of my favourite concepts. This is how I came up with the dish I am sharing today, my Chocolate Chia Pudding with Bananas.

I love the fact that this breakfast is super quick to whip up the night before you eat it, it travels well, it's pretty healthy (considering you could be choosing a donut or sugary cereal), and it tastes great. Plus, bananas and chocolate are always a great combination.

Ready for the recipe? Keep reading.

Chocolate Chia Pudding with Bananas - serves 2

1 cup milk
1 cup plain yogurt
1/4 cup chocolate sauce (I used my Spicy Chocolate Sauce)
2 tablespoons chia seeds
1 pinch of salt
2 medium bananas, sliced

1. The night before you want to eat your Chocolate Chia Pudding, whisk together the milk, yogurt, chocolate sauce, and salt. Then stir in the chia seeds and refrigerate.

2. The next morning, serve in bowls or small containers and top with bananas. Enjoy!

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