Thursday, 2 June 2011

Yummy bloopers

I know very well that I have no future career in comedy.

Number one: I am not funny. Number two: I am shy and get a cherry red face when more than one person looks at me at a time. And number three: that's not my passion.

What I like to do is read, write, cook, and most of all, eat. I like to think I am good at those things, but even if I'm not, at least I like them.

So when Luke suggested to me that I use my 5.5 + hours of video footage to make a blooper reel to get noticed, I didn't think I'd find anything funny to show at all.

He thought that I would be more than able to fill up a blooper reel. And maybe he had a better idea than I did because he was on the other side of the camera while I was filming. He got to watch me and I only lived through it.

When I thought about it, I realized I had nothing to lose but a bit of time. And since he might be right, I bunkered down and got to work scanning through all my hours of videos.

And let me tell you that making a blooper reel is more time consuming and exhausting than coming up with a new recipe, filming it, AND editing it. Who knew?

But I finally thought I'd found enough different tid bits of possible laughs and showed him what I'd come up with.

I was nervous he would think it wasn't funny, even though I basically making fun of myself the whole time. But I had nothing to worry about because he laughed through it all and afterwards patted me on the back.

That definitely made me feel good, but he is my boyfriend so maybe he was fibbing a bit...

Please be honest, is it funny? Do I perhaps have a career to slide into if all else fails? Or is the blooper reel a flop itself?

And also do you like the recipe? It's one of my favourites to serve with tea and if you know me, you'll know I take my tea very seriously.

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