Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A Tasty Treat for The Special Sponge in Your Life

Everybody knows at least one mooch, one beggar, one person that bums for anything edible.

Maybe you know them from work and they're always the first person to run into the break room when email is sent around because snacks are available.

Maybe you see them at a grocery store and they go from one free sample tray to the next, never buying a thing.

Maybe it's your little brother and he and his friends hang around the kitchen only to wait for the next tray of cookies to come out from the oven.

Or maybe that person is you!

I am not telling you if that person is me, only I think we all have a little bit of that person inside of us. But I will tell you that I am, at the very least, a little bit of a snack-a-holic. :)

That snacking mooch in your life usually dies and goes to heaven when the food is something particularly delicious. And after that especially delectable treat, you know that person will never leave you alone.

But hey, what do we cook for other than to please others? It's amazing to see their smiles and gratitude grow with each bite.

And I know I'm never going to eat a whole tray of desserts. I wouldn't even want to, even if it meant I wouldn't gain an ounce. Well maybe I would some of time if I lived in that world...

So if you know a certain sponge that has been puppy dogging you for a bit now, throw the poor guy a bone and whip up a treat.

Why not try my amazing recipe for Orange Creamsicle Sponge Cake? It's so good and looks way harder than it is.

I've never said it before, but this cake does the work for you and makes you look like a star.

Can you see how there is cake is on top and a custard on the bottom, all in one tiny little tasty bite? That just happened because of the milk and the cream cheese in the recipe.

The only problem is that the mooches might think you have more time on your hands than you actually do...

So maybe act a bit weary when you distribute the goodies. Then the mooches won't pounce on you to find out when they can have another taste.

So what are you waiting for? Dig in before the mooches get them all!

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