Friday, 16 September 2011

Runs in the Family

That's right folks.

I won't be the only pretty face from my family in the Real Women of Philadelphia Cookbook.

And that's because my mom will be in it too! Can you believe we were both chosen as winners?

I sure can't. But even more amazingly, my mom entered once! I entered so many times that I've run out of fingers to count on.

Her recipe was pretty delicious though and it deserves it's page.

Is you mouth watering yet? Do you want to see it?

Here it is!

Eggplant Philly

Warm and yummy Philly squeezed between two crispy pieces of eggplant? It's like mini grilled cheeses! Could anything be better?

If your mouth wasn't watering before, I bet it is now. You better run and get your eggplants sliced now, company could be on their way and if not you could probably eat them all, right?

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