Saturday, 19 November 2011

Cut to the Chase

I have seen people cut pineapple in some of the most odd ways.

Some people don't seem to see that there is a core that runs down the middle, they just want to taste the fruit and slice it up as fast as possible. Some take the top off first and some leave it on for a kind of decoration. Some are particular and want every last bit of the spiky skin off, and some don't care.

My grandfather was one of the people that cared about getting each spiky bite of skin removed and used the scooping end of a potato peeler to help him out. The result looked less than stellar and if we're being honest, slightly chewed.

So here's a way to achieve the (almost) perfect bite of pineapple. And it won't have you going to a can!

Almost Perfect Pineapple

1. Take the crown and the bottom of the pineapple off the fruit.

2. Anchor the pineapple, bottom down, on a cutting board and start connecting the dots.

What I mean by this is that each little spiky bit is spaced out evenly and will always be in straight rows. Just slice down the fruit diagonally to remove the spikes as easily as possible.

3. Then if you have any spikes left, just use your knife to cut them away, again in diagonal rows.

4. Then quarter the fruit, sliced out the core, and chop it up.

This process take a bit of extra time, but not enough to mind if the spiky bits bother you.

Did you know that even though we refer to each pineapple as one separate fruit, that's not true? Each pineapple is actually a cluster of 100-200 tiny fruitlets.

So, I guess that means that each spiky bit is it's own fruit. And that being said, you better make sure you enjoy every bite!

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